And Polistiren, as a leading brand in the sector, reliable quality and customer comparison are at the forefront. With innovation and professionalism, it offers quality and good service.

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Leading Brand in the Sector; Andpol

Ankar Insulation Inc. began its research and development under the umbrella of Andeva Investment Inc. in 1998, operating in the health, education, and construction sectors. As a result of the  work started in 1998, Ankar Decorative Insulation started mass production in 2000. It is the first company in Turkey to produce Cutting System Corniches and exterior products.


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And Polistiren

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Our decorative products are designed to beautify your spaces by combining aesthetic perception and practical use. Within our extensive product range, there are decoration products suitable for different styles and needs.
Our packaging products not only protect your products but also allow you to present them attractively visually. Our high-quality packaging solutions, made from high-quality materials, ensure the safety of your products while providing an appealing experience.
Our insulation products are designed to create a comfortable living environment while providing energy savings. With our high-quality insulation materials, you can increase the comfort of your indoor spaces by protecting them from external factors such as heat, temperature, and humidity.

And Polistiren

Pioneering in the Sector with Our Customer-Focused Approach!

We continuously strive to enhance customer satisfaction by constantly improving our products and offering innovative solutions. We attach great importance to R&D activities and aim to provide our customers with the best by keeping up with the latest technologies in the industry. Additionally, we embrace sustainability and environmentally friendly production principles, fulfilling our responsibility to society and the environment.

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EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a foamed polymer material known for its lightweight and insulating properties, used in industrial applications.


EPS has a wide range of applications, from decorative products to insulation materials.


Underfloor heating panels provide a comfortable heating system and ensure homogeneous heat distribution in spaces.


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Discover Andpol’s wide range of products! From decorative products to insulation materials, packaging solutions to underfloor heating panels, you can find solutions that meet your needs. Download our catalog for detailed information and to explore our products.